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    Reading, England

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    Indie Animation, Tech News, VR Headsets

    HR's Incompetency, B.R.E.N.D.A.

    VOICED BY: Mike A. Fairbanks

    "Good Evening, I'm Anúzri Patah."

    Toonshed's most trustworthy news reporter, Anúzri Patah, has the distinct honour of being the first person to ever appear on a Toonshed animation. 

    Back in November 2019, he first made his appearance, covering YouTube and social media news. First, by himself, then alongside B.R.E.N.D.A., before going on hiatus for over two years for the makeover of his life.

    Now he's returned with a renewed purpose: taking his show back for his own, with a keen aim of giving a voice and a spotlight on his fellow indie characters, animation, and events. He's got his eye on you!

    Mini Wiki

    A personal fan of the journalists of the BBC, Anúzri spent his childhood playing news anchor in the school playground, and interviewing people of interest. After his English teacher noticed his passion for journalism, he got him to contribute regularly to the school newsletter writing kids' entertainment articles, in a move that boosted its readership by 3 times the amount.

    After moving to secondary school, he decided to take a break from writing news articles and spend more time in the library, assisting the librarian and reading about the history of broadcast television, where his dream of having his own television show came to life. At one point, he even played a starring role in his school Christmas play, hoping it would get him on television, but refocussed on his journalism aspirations by the time the next Christmas play came around.

    Most of his time outside secondary school would be taking part in writing competitions, and following the buzz on social media at the time, summarising the happenings in his own social media blog. His blog continued until he failed to get into his favourite sixth form college; the admissions officer reportedly hated it, and referred to it as “an insult to journalism itself”, despite its success and mass following. Anúzri voluntarily closed it down before being accepted into his second-choice college.

    After finishing college, Anúzri picked up an apprenticeship at Goldhill to write internal staff newsletters, and his thoughtful and entertaining contributions eventually lead to the newsletter becoming a smash-hit, and eventually got noticed by the boss himself, Black. Following promotion after promotion, Anúzri soon landed his own show, ToonTube News, after just 6 years in the company, as well as becoming the first personality to appear on Goldhill's new Toonshed channel; the rest is history.

    Year Role

    ToonTube News


    2018-2019 Editor of Internal Communications
    2016-2017 Lead Entertainment Contributor, Internal Communications
    2012-2015 Apprentice Journalist
    2008-2010 Self-Blogger


    Black is the chair of the board at Goldhill, and Anúzri's boss. Both of them have known each other since way before ToonTube News began, and continue to maintain an true friendship to this day. When Anúzri was 19, Black spotted potential in him when he began a journalist apprenticeship at the studio, but the position was only for writing news articles internally for the staff. It was when his articles on social media happenings began to attract a significant readership each week, that Black took a liking to him and gave him promotion after promotion, eventually overseeing all of internal communications.

    As a present for his 24th birthday, Black offered Anúzri his own show on a YouTube Channel that Goldhill was creating. It is what would eventually become the first Toonshed Series, ToonTube News.



    Anúzri and B.R.E.N.D.A. do not like each other. At all. From the moment they first worked together, B.R.E.N.D.A. has been a thorn in his side, and although it seemed like friendly banter at the time, Anúzri hated her for bringing down the seriousness of ToonTube News, and attributes his radical cosmetic transformation to B.R.E.N.D.A.'s joke on him needing to get liposuction.

    The two working together would soon come to an abrupt end, when Anuzri left during COVID to actually get plastic surgery, and, following its threats, B.R.E.N.D.A.'s system was decommissioned and ultimately destroyed by Black.

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