The (Micro) Team

Mike A. Fairbanks

Toonshed Founder, Series Creator, Lead 3D Modeler/Animator

(Among Other Things)

Nati A.

Social Media Advisor, Story Consultant, Contributor

Ahmad S.

3D Modeler and Animator

Nathan J.

Story Writer

Hello! I'm Mike. And this is Toonshed - something which I started as an indie animation channel on YouTube way back when, with CGI Comedy animations.


Now, Toonshed has recently being transitioning into a name across multiple websites. A label for story-driven indie animation, made solely for the passion of giving a larger spotlight to the independent animation community, while supporting those whose dreams are to stand on the shoulders of the giants who built the animation industry, and make a masterpiece that they and others can also be proud of.


One of the reasons why we exist is to show and prove that it is not a requirement to sign big contracts with multi-million-dollar companies to get an animation series or film out there, nor is it a requirement to give away the rights and ownership of a story that one has poured years of hard work and effort into, only to have large corporations withdraw that without a possibility of allowing individuals to continue their stories elsewhere.

Hang on a minute...

We're still working on this bit... but keep checking in for an epic backstory soon!